Jobtasy + advanced features = Jobtasy PRO

Introducing Jobtasy PRO
It contains the same possibilities as the Jobtasy plus several new features.
As first, there are more job boards that is searches (check comparison table).

With JobtasyPRO you can create a blacklist and whitelist of words you want and/or don’t want to see in job search results. This way you can blacklist companies or job titles you don’t want to see in results. Same applies for job location. When you search job boards directly on their website you get every job where the word you search appears. That way you get lot of “junk” results, job that doesn’t apply to your search criteria at all! With JobtasyPRO all these “junk” results are removed according to your blacklist. But you can also configure whitelist and decide who was priority, blacklist or whitelist.

With JobtasyPRO you can automatically populate fields in job application on certain websites. JobtasyPRO populates not only your personal data fields but also education, skills and your work experience. If job application does not have any specific question, your job application is automatically filled. You just have to click Submit”. Currently supported websites are “”, “” and “”. This list will be expanded.

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