Jobtasy/JobtasyPRO installation procedure

Windows might show you screen like this when you download a file from the Internet. If this window pop up click More Info.
Then click Run Anyway.
Installation of Jobtasy is starting. Click Next and follow instructions.
Once you started installation Windows might ask you to confirm you want to install the application (see below). Click Yes.
To install Jobtasy and JobtasyPRO you need two additional Microsoft programs to be installed: .NET Desktop Runtime and Edge Webview runtime. The setup will run their installation by itself. You just need to press Install button.
Edge Webview runtime is being installed.
When installation asks you to install .NET Desktop Runtime, press Yes button.
After these two prerequisites are installed you can proceed to Jobtasy/JobtasyPRO installation. Click Install button.
That’s it. Now you have Jobtasy icon on a desktop and you can start searching for a job.

Possible problems during installation.

Depending on a Windows you use and if it’s updated, sometimes prerequisites are not being installed before Jobtasy installation. In such cases when you run Jobtasy, it will ask you to install missing programs. Just click Yes.
In case Windows Firewall pop up when you run Jobtasy just click Allow access button.
That’s the procedure for installing Jobtasy and JobtasyPRO. In case you have a problem you can contact us using the contact page.



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