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Jobtasy is a Windows desktop application that searches job boards according to your criteria and present all found reuslts in one place. From there you can sort, filter and save results.
Then you can apply for a job and fill online forms automatically. And you can keep track of your job applications.
Jobtasy is free to use. However, if you want to search more job portals, track job applications and automatically fill online forms, you should consider advanced version of Jobtasy called JobtasyPRO.
Download the application, install it and start searching.
Currently, only Windows is supported. Jobtasy works on Windows 10 and 11. It should also work on Windows 7 and 8, but it's not tested yet.
Prerequisites: In case you don't have .NET Desktop Runtime 6.0.23 and Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime already installed on your computer they will be installed when you run Jobtasy setup. So the installation basically looks like "Next, Next, Finish".
In case these two files are not installed automatically you can download them from Microsoft website and install manually. 
.Net Desktop Runtime x86
.Net Desktop Runtime x64
Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime
Basically, you can run Jobtasy and JobtasyPRO on any computer with a Windows 10 or 11.
However, keep in mind that once you pressed Search button, Jobtasy starts to browse several websites and multiple webpages (results) on those websites. To get results faster, it searches several websites at once, but not all of them. Nevertheless, it is a heavy job and you can expect slowness if you use a computer that has less then 4 Gb of RAM and CPU with less then 4 cores.
Jobtasy is pretty simple to use but in case you need help please feel the form on Contact page.
Jobtasy doesn't have internal database to pull the data from. When you click Search button Jobtasy starts natural web browsing using Microsoft Edge. Same as you would manually click search in all those websites. Although Jobtasy searches more than one website at the time it takes some time to open all pages that appear in results. This is the reason why have to wait a bit to get all results.
You won't. There is a progress bar that shows when the code runs but since searching is working asynchronously you cannot know when the last search results are shown. It depends on job portals returning results.
However, it doesn't stop you to start browsing results as soon as you get them. Results will keep coming but you can start look for a job immediately.
You don't need to open an account on any of these websites to do the search. If you have an account on these platforms and you are signed in using Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Brave, Vivaldi or any other  browser, your Jobtasy results won't appear on your account on these platforms.
You can sort results by clicking on column header and you can filter them. You can filter results by changing the status of the row. Just use right mouse click and choose one of available statuses. Hide results that are irrelevant to you. Mark jobs you applied for, mark those you got offer for, mark rejected and wish-listed. Use filter box on the top of the Jobtasy to apply filters.
Actually, you have to export/save results in order to keep them. Jobtasy does not have internal database. Instead  you can save results by clicking the Save button. Results will be saved in a file on your computer. It is an ordinary xml file that can be opened in Microsoft Excel. This way you can use multiple independent searches and save results to separate files.  Your sorting and filtering are preserved.

We DO NOT refund money. The reason is simple. There is a free version you can use as much as you want, and there is also a trial version with PRO features. If 7 days is not enough for you to try the JobtasyPRO you can install it on another computer and get another 7 days. So, there is enough time to test the app that is easy to use.
Once you purchase the 3 months license you can use it for 3 months, and then the app will ask you to purchase again if you want to continue using it. JobtasyPRO is NOT SUBSCRIPTION based. We do not charge your credit card automatically after subscription expires!



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